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  Telecom Services

Eureka Technocrats, Inc represents one of the most extensive Telecom consulting organizations in the world. We are providing the following essential services to our esteemed Clients.

  Wireless Networking Solutions
  RF Planning and Optimization
  Network Design Services
  Wireless Testing Services
Wireless Networking Solutions
Eurekatek offers expertise to operate and manage an existing wireless network. These services are offered on a temporary basis to fill a short-term or indefinite resource gap (staff augmentation), or on a permanent basis (outsourced functions) to allow our clients to focus on the development of new services and applications, improvement of customer care, and marketing.
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RF Planning and Optimization
  The Network Design and Operations team helps to plan, design, and deploy radio networks and perform network optimization covering multiple access technologies (GSM/GPRS, iDEN, CDMA IS95/1xRTT, OFDM, WI -FI).

Our full range of expert consulting services spans market analysis and planning, business and technology consulting, and implementation. Our longstanding experience is a significant benefit in upfront system planning to ensure the fastest, most efficient, and most reliable network configuration.
Our services include :
  Market analysis, planning, and implementation
  Network migration and expansion planning
  Tactical and strategic tool development for 3G+
  Strategic revenue analysis and business planning
  Traffic modeling
  Active participation in standards groups and review panels
  Technology reports, white papers, and complete training courses
  Optimization of operational network
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Network Design Services
  Define RF Requirements.
  Collect Market Data.
  CW Drive Testing (for propagation modeling).
  Initial Model Tuning.
  Traffic Distribution and Capacity Design.
  Initial Coverage Design.
  Link Budget Calculation.
  Antenna and Feeder Design.
  Antenna Sharing & Coupling Systems Design.
  Define Search Areas.
  Preliminary Design Report.
  Customer Support.
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Wireless Testing
We provide the finest Wireless Communications professionals with extensive domestic and international experience in GSM, GPRS, UMTS, WCDMA, 802.11 Major strengths in network operator relations, handset type approval and field trial testing, test plan generation and test case execution, digital base band, mixed signal and RF cellular chipset competitive analysis studies, and handset performance benchmarking.
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