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Eureka is a skilled and knowledgeable recruiter of Executive talent.

Eureka has the ability to understand the uniqueness of a position and devise the appropriate recruitment strategy. This includes trying out fresh ideas, out-of-the-box thinking and flexibility to meet the exact requirement of the client.

Eureka follows a methodical process in its Executive search practice. Based on the given brief, Eureka conducts a search for top-notch candidates from its rich database, pre-screens him/her, sets up interviews (at Eureka's office or the client's), and continues the process till the client organization finds the right individual. This option includes a Service Level Agreement with the replacement guarantee, if the selected candidate does not match up to expectations.

Eureka has evolved with the changing needs of the industry, globally and locally; and has built solid and far-reaching relationships with clients and candidates. The firm has built name recognition and a reputation for its grasp of cultural factors, changing demographics and professional environments.

The preeminent stringent practice adopted to recruit candidates for our clients encompasses:

Executive search
Campus Selection
Research Mapping
Generic resourcing
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