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Eureka Technocrats is one of the most extensive IT consulting organizations available today. Our global network of IT resources has an intimate understanding of local cultures allowing us to provide world class services. A proven recruiting model and core focus on IT enables us to consistently attract superior professionals.

Our consultants provide cost effective leading edge solutions that help our clients to see return on investment by accelerating there development life cycle. Our focus is to effectively apply the latest technologies to develop solutions that meet the new challenges encountered everyday in a competitive business environment.

Correspondingly, staffing and resource allocation have become critical business issues at most corporations, large and small alike.

Is your organization looking for solutions to business problems such as lack of trained resources, delayed executions, inability to keep up with rapid technological changes or labor shortages?

We are a top-notch IT Staffing Firm and can provide solutions to all your staffing and resource issues through unsurpassed service, rapid turnaround and cost-competitive services.

Our clients rely on us for the following essential services.

Permanent Staffing Services
Contract Staffing Services
Contract to Permanent Staffing Services


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